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Article Can I create extra FTP accounts?
Yes, you can create as many FTP accounts as you wish. We don't set a limit for...
Views: 646
Article Do I have to wait for my DNS to propagate before I can upload my files?
You don't have to wait for your DNS to fully propagate to start uploading via FTP. Even if your...
Views: 653
Article How do I configure my FTP?
Please click here to view our online flash tutorials showing the step by step guide on how to...
Views: 609
Article What are the available FTP software that I can use?
Basically, you  can use any FTP software. Their are a lot of other good FTP...
Views: 615
Article What directory in my web server should my files be uploaded into?
You should upload your files in the public_html Directory. This is the only...
Views: 643
Article What is ASCII and Binary?
ASCII and Binary are modes by which you are going to transfer your files into...
Views: 690
Article What is FTP?
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is used to transfer files from your local hard...
Views: 639
Article What is my default filename?
Your default filename is your index.html or index.htm page. So instead of typing the whole...
Views: 654

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